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My Reflections

Inspirations from Hawaii

Everything except the cockroach that jumped on me last night… The rich fragrant air that seems full of life force energy… The incredible blue of the ocean, which I cannot seem to take my eyes off of Beautiful exotic flowers with surreal colors that I don't even know the names of The bird song, which is constant and especially loud when the sun first rises The feeling of first going into the...

What my grandchildren taught me about art

Composition (a.k.a. “getting it right“) does not matter! Keeping clean does not matter! Using bountiful amounts of your favorite colors matters! The delight and joy of the creation is what matters! No fear. No hesitation. Layer all the colors of the glitter for extra extra fun! Use all the materials and supplies you want!! Ignore advise that doesn’t make sense to you! Aka: ignore most advice....